July 31st, 2014

Nine Years–and a Happy Future–at the Sleep Inn Paseo las Damas

The Sleep Inn Paseo las Damas has been in operation for nine years, and it celebrates this anniversary with some exciting changes. Horlando Salas, the general manager of the hotel, has always looked to the future, keeping the standards of the hotel very high and at their most modern and convenient. The entire hotel complex now has wireless internet service, as do the Casino Club Colonial and the Magnolia Restaurant.

One of Costa Rica’s main daily newspapers, La República, detailed some additional changes, which include revamped guest rooms, a new color scheme in the public areas and new furniture throughout the Sleep Inn. Each room now has a new flat-screen television set as well.

Under the new plan, the lobby store is also open round-the-clock. Guests can now buy a snack, a drink or a charming Costa Rican souvenir at any time of the day or night. (We are particularly fond of the chorreador, the traditional Costa Rican coffee-making gadget.)

The Sleep Inn is a four star-rated hotel, and its management is impeccable. The staff is friendly, the rooms are scrupulously clean, and the grounds well-maintained. Its new conference room is ideal for corporate and social events.

Read more about the Sleep Inn Paseo las Damas and its changes.


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May 22nd, 2013

The Revamped Sleep Inn Lobby

Frequent guests of the Sleep Inn will have noticed an interesting change in the hotel lobby. Less frequent guests can see the results of the change on the Sleep Inn San José Downtown Facebook page.

The main change in the lobby has been the incorporation of slot machines into the original dining area, at the base of the stairs. These machines create a more multipurpose space, in an area that was once only occupied during the complementary breakfast buffet. Guests can still enjoy the fine buffet in this dining area, but they can enjoy a game or two as well.

The slot machines stand in the area once occupied by the Business Center. The computers, printer and fax machine of the Business Center have now migrated across the lobby and are closer to the front door. Guests still have unlimited internet access and all other amenities to meet their business needs.

The new location of the lobby store makes it more convenient for guests and other shoppers. Because the store is now connected to the check-in desk, it can remain open for business twenty-four hours a day. Guests who need a toothbrush, a Costa Rica t-shirt or a souvenir of their travels can now buy one anytime.

Artwork by Dennis Salas still hangs in the lobby. One of his landscapes, on the wall outside the store, depicts a view of trees on the nearby Paseo las Damas. His large-scale landscape photograph, of the Parque Morazán, hangs just underneath the staircase.

The Sleep Inn hopes its lobby changes will be more convenient and comfortable for guests. Check out pictures of the new Sleep Inn San José Downtown lobby, and let us know what you think.


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May 1st, 2012

The Sleep Inn: A Meeting Room with a View

Business visitors to Costa Rica often choose hotels based solely on the availability of group meeting spaces. Businesspeople seek meeting spaces that accommodate large groups comfortably, are accessible to the hotel, and have modern electronic conveniences. They often want to find spaces where food is available or where catering is an option. They might also hope that these meeting spaces are pleasant–and that they might, perhaps, even have a view. But pleasantness and views are usually not an option in most hotel meeting rooms.

The Sleep Inn is proud to announce that its new meeting room, the Magnolia, meets every requirement of the ideal business meeting space. Located on the same property as the Sleep Inn Hotel, the Magnolia Meeting Room can accommodate large groups, depending on the arrangement of its chairs and tables. The room is completely wired for electronic and computer equipment, making it ideal for conferences and presentations. The extensive Magnolia Restaurant menu is available for all business meetings. Best of all, the Magnolia Meeting Room has a view. The room is located on the first floor of the hotel and has french doors that open onto the lovely garden areas of the Sleep Inn complex.

The Sleep Inn believes its meeting room provides the most basic of business-meeting requirements while simultaneously offering the kind of attractiveness not usually found in most hotel meeting spaces. Call the Sleep Inn to inquire about holding your own meeting in the Magnolia.

See photographs of the new meeting room on Sleep Inn San José Downtown Facebook page.

Writing and editing by Beaumont Hardy Editing.


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